5 Herbal Warming Winter Elixirs

5 Warming Winter Elixirs

Studying herbs and botanicals over the past few years has been incredibly informative and enlightening.  I have recognized that my sensitivity to the energy of people, things, and situations is not an undesirable weakness, but instead a powerful asset.  I am able to connect to plant energy with the same sensitivities. I use herbs for relaxing cups of tea and for nourishment, but I also turn to herbs when my heart and soul need a smile or when I need a little assistance with creativity or intuition.  No matter the blend, I find herbs, and plants in general, to be energetically uplifting and soul soothing. They are a wonderful resource to have!  The elixirs below are a yummy and fun way to warm up with herbs this winter.

Comfort, warmth, and love are on the forefront of my mind as the days have darkened and the cold has set in. I wanted to create blends that could be enjoyed deliciously in fun and festive ways while also easing common winter ailments – elixirs fit the bill!  Elixirs, typically made from raw honey and brandy, capture the herbs qualities and essence in a concentrated manner. This means a small dose can pack a big punch.  They make for a pleasantly sweet and versatile way to invite herbs into our lives and enjoy the benefits they have to offer. Herbs are nourishing both physically and emotionally; building vitality and adding sparkle to our lives.


  1. Add your dry herbs to a pint sized jar. They’ll take up about 1/3 of the jar.
  2. Add enough raw honey to cover the herbs.
  3. Fill the remainder of the jar with brandy and cover.
  4. Set your intentions for the elixir and shake the jar daily for 4+ weeks.
  5. Strain through cheese cloth or use a coffee filter to remove all of the sediment. I preferred to use a coffee filter to remove the cayenne from the circulatory elixir, but enjoy having the cocoa powder remaining in the heartwarming elixir.

Sweet & Spicy Circulatory 

Warm up and get things moving on the coldest of days with this sweet & spicy cayenne elixir! Gingko, fairly neutral in flavor by comparison, aids in blood flow like its spicy and heat producing counterparts cayenne and ginger. Licorice, a soothing demulcent, helps tame the fire in this blend with its cooling sweetness. Orange peel, while adding balance and depth, is warming and immune boosting with its nutritive actions.  To use:  It can be a little spicy if taken straight up or in large amounts. I like adding a about a teaspoon into a cup of warm water or tea, but this may be too much for some, find what works best for you.  It’s fun and different in a glass of cold sparking water or try adding a spoonful to spice up your cup of hot chocolate.

Soothing Digestive

If you’re feeling overstuffed, nauseated, or gassy try out this absolutely delicious and powerful digestive blend. Dandelion has bitter agents that increase bile flow to encourage digestion. It’s also a prebiotic, containing inulin, that supports healthy gut flora. Fennel, chamomile, sage, and catnip are all wonderfully soothing to the digestive system and will relax muscles to ease cramping, dispel gas, and encourage the flow of enzymes to assist with sluggish digestion.  To use: Take a spoonful as necessary or sip slowly in a cup of warm tea or water.  The fennel flavor is very pronounced and makes a great flavor enhancer to your after dinner cocktail or glass of wine, if you wish.


Floral blends are my go-to for a “pick me up” of the heart and easing of the mind.  With the heavy dose of chocolate this makes for one of the most decadent, calming, and soul loving herbal blends. Chocolate and rose, both symbolically representing love, add rich and luxurious flavor. Rose and wild cherry bark are both mildly sedative and relaxing to the heart, especially when the nervous system is involved. Lavender is mellowing and purifying while vanilla and cardamom offer warm flavors and uplifting attributes. This elixir is warming, inviting, and creates peace within.  To use: Although this tastes tremendous straight from the bottle, I recommend sipping and enjoying it slowly. Add a teaspoon or so to a warm glass of milk to calm your mind, open your heart, and lift your woes.

Immune Enhancing

A takeaway from the famous elderberry syrup, this elixir not only tastes divine, but enhances your immune system as well. Elderberry is clinically known to reduce the duration of cold and flu. Cinnamon and ginger add great flavor depth while warming and stimulating the immune system. Rosehips are best known for their nourishing vitamin C content while astragalus is an immune regulating and disease fighting herb.  To use: Take a dropperful every 2-3 hours at the onset and throughout illness. Smaller doses more often work best in fighting existing illness rather than large singular doses. You can also enjoy this elixir as a daily tonic, simply add a spoonful to warm tea or milk or try it over ice with sparkling water.

Winter Spice

I chose this blend for its seasonal flavors and warm energy. Pine is high in vitamin C and helps boost the immune system along with orange peel, star anise, clove, and hibiscus. This winter spice blend gives you the warm and cozy feels of winter as it stimulates your immune system and aids digestion.  To use: Enjoy a dropperful throughout the day for a regular dose of warming winter vibes! This elixir tastes wonderful and can also be enjoyed in a festive cocktail. Try adding spoonful or two to a glass of sparking water with an additional ounce of brandy. Add an orange slice to the rim and a cinnamon stick to stir.

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