5 Woodsy Christmas Ornaments

5 Woodsy Christmas Craft Ornaments

The kids and I have been busy working on these little Pinterest-inspired woodsy ornaments for a couple of weeks now. I am happy to say the bits and pieces used in these creations are no longer swarming the kitchen table.  Instead, they are hanging wholly and delightfully on our Christmas tree, enhancing that warm ‘n cozy Christmas Spirit by radiating with their child-created vivacity!

These little creations are fairly simple and fun for the entire family to craft… Pick one or make them all!  Whether you make them for yourself or as gifts for another, they are sure to warm any heart and home.  I am grateful to live on a wooded lot where we can easily invite the outdoors in.   Thanks to the abundance of trees on our land we were able to collect the fallen branches and pine cones needed for these projects rather easily. I relied upon my husband to prepare the wood slices for us, however your local craft supply store may also provide the rustic necessities for these nature inspired ornaments.

Click the images below for more details on how to create each of these lovely little Christmas crafts!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees


Cookie Cutter Stick Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Tree Branch Ornaments

Wood Slice Snowmen

Wooden Cylinder Snowmen/Ladies

Christmas Ribbon Trees

Christmas Ribbon Tree

Wood Slice Christmas Characters

Christmas Faces


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