Cocoa Butter & Calendula Sugar Cube Scrubs

Cocoa Butter & Calendula Sugar Cube Scrub

Vermont’s fall season brings about abundant and breathtaking changes in our surroundings!   You can sense the magic in the air as the leaves turn gold and begin to drop –  we all seem to inherently create space for summer reflection and assimilate an amazing sense of gratitude as we turn inward for the winter. It’s my favorite time of year!

Unfortunately,  if you’re anything like me, the change in atmosphere also brings about a not-so-cool change in your skin.  With a dry constitution it takes more than water to keep my skin hydrated, and that’s where these ultra-moisturizing sugar cube scrubs come into play!

Sugar is a great topical exfoliant with its small particles physically buffing the skin.  It also contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that breaks down the dead skin and helps generate new growth. Sugar scrubs also have the added benefit of being humectant. This means moisture is drawn to the area of application to help keep your skin hydrated!

All of this exfoliating is allowing moisturizers, such as the cocoa butter and soothing calendula oil in these cubes, to deeply penetrate and hydrate your skin. Cocoa butter is a protective emollient loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants that help to heal and nourish your skin!

Calendula is well known for its gentle skin soothing properties. This brilliant flower is one of my favorites! Read my Sweet Orange Calendula Lip Balm post to see why I love it so!

NOTE:  These cubes are intensely exfoliating and moisturizing! I like to let the cube dissolve a little onto my skin and rub that sugar around until it dissolves, rather than the cube itself.  The size of the sugar granules is going to play a huge role in how topically exfoliating the scrub with feel. If you’re sensitive, smaller, finer granules are likely your best bet as the large granules can be rather… painful!

The cocoa butter will stay on your skin leaving your completely, but un-greasily, moisturized! I choose to use these sugar cubes last – just so my scalding hot shower water doesn’t dissolve away my moisture! Fair warning – it can make your tub slippy, so be careful!

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  1. Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler until just melted. Alternatively, you could microwave it in intervals of 30 seconds until melted.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and stir it up!
  3. Fill your mold and pop them into the refrigerator or freezer for a faster set up.
  4. Pop them out of your mold and store out of direct sunlight – they will melt!  Happy scrubbing!

Cocoa Butter & Calendula Sugar Scrub Cube


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