Have you heard of or seen felted soap?  They’re adorable little soaps blanketed in wool, which acts as a built-in washcloth! I was fascinated by them at first sight, and of course, being a soap maker, I wanted learn how to make them myself!

Luckily, creating these fantastic little fuzzies is a relatively easy process – a little time consuming when creating multiples, but still so simple that even kids can have a hand at it – just keep the water at a safe temperature.

Felted soaps make great gifts! Making them is a fun way to get crafty, they’re cool to use, AND when the soap runs out you’re left with a little hollow scrubby pad to use as you please! You could cut a slit in it and stuff it with all of those pesky old soap scraps that are too small to use… or you could use it to scrub your shower. Either way, they’re pretty awesome!


  • Your favorite bar(s) of handmade soap
  • Wool roving (I like to buy Merino wool scraps from sellers on Amazon – like this)
  • Rubber Gloves (optional but recommended)
  • Hot water
  • Cold water


  1. Thin out enough felt to wrap around your soap.
  2. Lay that piece flat on the table and decorate with multiple colors if you’d like – I recommend keeping the decorative strands thin and fine – they will bulk up when felted.
  3. Wrap your soap decorative side out, ensuring it is completely covered – especially the corners.
  4. Hold that soap tight and lightly wet it under hot water – pressing and gently squeezing until the water soaks through and the felt holds together without unraveling.
  5. Dip it into cold water, then hot again – massaging and turning the bar evenly through your hands.  Repeat until the felt fits tightly around your bar. This could take up to 10 minutes.
  6. Squeeze as much water out of the felt as possible and let it air dry before use.
  7. OPTIONAL – Use a bristly brush to lightly brush your dried felted soap – this helps to create a soft and fuzzy appearance.


  • Use rubber gloves to help protect your hands from the hot water
  • Wrap your felted soap in tulle or a nylon stocking to help hold the felt in place while felting
  • Let your soap air dry between uses. If your felt is kept constantly wet it will soften your soap turning it to mush!
Have fun & get crafty with felted soap! Felting soap is a super simple DIY craft that makes a superior gift!
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