Flower Power! Kids Crafting with Nature

Kids are inherently connected to both nature and creating. They are constantly collecting rocks, twigs, flowers, and other little treasures that call out to them.  Turning their finds into artwork is an awesome way to put them to use and the kids will have a blast creating with them!  Nature offers an array of colors and textures creating the perfect medium for art projects – and it’s free.

When I asked my kids if they wanted to collect flower petals and leaves they were so excited they grabbed their basket and took off without even asking why!  I like to let their imaginations run the show as much as possible, so I asked them what they thought they could make.  “I want to make a Princess!” and “I want a T-Rex!” are what I received as answers.  Not quite what I was expecting, but we managed.

Although the possibilities are endless, we chose to make our T-Rex and Princess on rocks, another element of nature, adding additional uniqueness to each masterpiece.


  • Rocks – big enough to glue flowers but small enough to carry
  • Flower petals, leaves and twigs – fresh or dried
  • School glue


  1. You can start with fresh or dried plant material. We chose a mixture and had fun watching our rock faces change as the fresh plants dried out.
  2. Wash and dry your rocks.
  3. Squirt glue onto paper for dipping – I found this to be the easiest way for the kids to attach the plant material to the rocks.
  4. If your young child wants something specific, like a T-Rex, you may need to subtly guide them with placement and color choice as the project could quickly go downhill with an upset child (not from experience, or anything…). Otherwise,
  5. Let them explore and create!


You can also…

Paint with Flowers


Press the flowers into wet paint to add color, texture and dimension.

Write your name with flowers


Outline your names in pencil to be sure it will fit before gluing.  Glue one letter at a time before pressing the flower petals on.

Color with flowers

"Color" with Flowers

Choose large, simple prints. You may need to tear your plants into smaller pieces.

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