Pine Cone Christmas Trees

It’s not only fun for kids to collect pine cones, it’s fun to paint them too! We used a few different shades of green and added glitter to boot! This is an easy craft to let the kids run free with their imagination. They simply can’t go wrong with their decorative choices when it comes to creating a pine cone Christmas tree.


  • Glue
  • String for hanging
  • Misc items for tree topper (we happened to have wooden star cutouts)
  • Pom-poms
  • Glitter
  • White paint
  • Green paint
  • Medium to large pine cones


  1.  Paint your pine cones green! It’s fun to use multiple shades, but one works just fine too!
  2. Gently brush white paint on the out edges of the pine cone. This gives the tree a cute snowy effect.
  3. Sprinkle on any desired glitter and decorations. We used dried wild rose hips and pom-poms.
  4. Use a large sparkly pom pom as the tree topper or anything special you may already have on hand!
  5. Attaching the hanging string with glue works best.


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