Christmas Wood Slice Character Ornament

Wood Slice Christmas Character Ornament

These Christmas characters were so much fun to make! I had prepared the felt pieces for the kids so they were able to complete their characters with minimal guidance. They are woodsy and adorable and I love seeing them on our family tree!


  • Wood slices – 2 to 3 inches wide
  • Felt
  • Paint
  • Twigs
  • Pom-poms, pipe cleaners, other misc. add-ons
  • Glue- Hot glue works best!
  • Twine or ribbon used for hanging

SantaChristmas Ornament - Santa


  1. Cut out Santa’s red hat and white beard.
  2. Glue a pom-pom to the tip of Santa’s hat and add white felt or a pipe cleaner as the white trim.
  3. Paint on his eyes and rosy cheeks!
  4. Glue on a small pink or red pom-pom nose.
  5. Glue the string on before gluing Santa’s hat!




  1. Cut out a top hat and scarf from felt.
  2. Paint the wooden slice white
  3. Paint his charcoal eyes & mouth, a carrot nose, and rosy cheeks!
  4. Glue the string before gluing down the hat.




  1. Paint the wood slice brown.
  2. Cut ears out of brown felt and paint the outer edges the same color as the wood slice.
  3. Hot glue on his red pom-pom nose and  the twigs to be used as antlers.
  4. Paint his eyes.
  5. Glue the hanging string onto the backside.


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